2 for 1 Relaxation Course Bundle

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  • iRechargeMe meditation course
  • Aromatherapy & Essential Oil Course

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2 for 1 Relaxation Course Bundle

Education is probably the most powerful gift you can give yourself or others. Our relaxation courses have been designed so you can pick up the relaxation skills, knowledge and understanding you need to keep yourself physically and mentally well. The fact you can save by buying two together is a bonus.

Aromatherapy Course

Essential oils have been getting quite popular in recent years, but they have actually been around for thousands of years. In the past, people used essential oils for many reasons including ancient calming rituals and spiritual guidance. Our Introductory online course has been designed to bring users up to speed with a series of practical and thought-provoking lessons.


The iRechargeMe mediation course benefits from a holistic focus on your mind, body and spirit. Its content is a unique combination of modern scientific research and ancient Eastern wisdom. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, this course provides a straightforward modular approach designed to bring calming tranquility into your life.

Our bundle gives you access to two fantastic health and wellbeing online learning resources for the price of one. Why miss out?