Better Sleep Bundle



  • Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator
  • Zulekha Essential Oil Face & Body Cream
  • Nano Mist Spray
  • Triple Butter Body Bar
  • Relaxing Bath Bomb

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Better Sleep Bundle

Are you looking for a bundle to restore calmness, tranquility and good sleep to your routine? This is your chance to save through a combination of luxurious pampering, 100% natural high-quality skincare products and the latest in sleep-aid technology.

Breathing Relief

Whether you are a snorer, or living with one, Breathing Relief’s Nasal Dilator has been carefully designed to increase airflow and reduce, if not cure altogether, snoring and other sleep interruptions. It is natural, drug-free and non-invasive. Anyone can use it to enjoy better sleep.

Zulekha Essential Oil Face Cream

Zulekha Essential Oil Face & Body Cream contains jojoba oil, squalane, cucumber extract, Copaiba Balsam, Euterpe Oleracea, rose essential oil, geranium essential oil, frankincense essential oil and carrot seed oil. It has been expertly formulated to feel indulgent, moisturising and relaxing. The perfect cream to use before bed.

Nano Mist Spray

Endo’s nano mist spray delivers a high-level dose of pure distillate into your mouth with every spray, ensuring the quickest and most effective absorption. Our spray can help alleviate the conditions that interrupt sleep such as inflammation, pain, arthritis, anxiety and stress.

triple butter body bars and relaxing bath bombs

Our triple butter body bars and relaxing bath bombs are specially formulated to give you a moisturising and relaxing soak just before bed.

Good sleep has a massive positive impact on health and wellbeing. Our bundle has been specifically selected to help you into the Land of Nod every night.