Svelte Laser Hair Removal – Full Body (8sessions)


PAIN FREE laser hair removal for ALL skin colour types. FASTER results than other laser machines.

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Pain-Free Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal (Gold Standard - NOT IPL)

Technology Explained

  • PAIN FREE Laser Hair Removal
  • PAIN FREE Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal
  • For ALL skin colour types
  • FASTER results than other Alexandrite laser machines

Here at Svelte Body Clinic we only use the best equipment possible to treat our clients, ensuring the safest and most clinically effective treatments possible. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce that we have recently added the world’s most exciting development in ‘pain-free’ laser hair removal technology: 

The Motus AY by DEKA.

This new and unique laser hair removal device uses a specialist new technology: Moveo. This advanced technology allows us to use the exact type of laser considered by dermatologists as “most effective in laser hair removal treatments” (Alexandrite) but in a new ‘pain-free’ mode!

Traditionally, despite the Alexandrite laser being the most effective for laser hair removal, it can be a quite an uncomfortable treatment compared to other alternatives. Our new Motus Moveo Technology helps overcome the uncomfortable aspect of this treatment by changing the way the laser is reflected by the skin, allowing all our clients to receive ‘pain-free’ laser hair removal treatment, with the gold-standard results of a traditional Alexandrite laser.

Together with our revolutionary new laser technology, all our operators here at Svelte Body Clinic have received comprehensive theory and practical based training by the UK’s No.1 supplier & manufacturer: Lynton Lasers Ltd.

About Svelte Body Clinic

We are pleased to welcome you to our new facilities in Eversholt Street, minutes away from Euston and Kings Cross stations. Treatments are carried by our friendly and professionally trained staff to help you achieve your sculpted body. 

Pain-free technology with amazing proven results.

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